Thursday, March 24, 2011

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Singing the Bones is the story of three women whose lives are linked by a mysterious pregnancy: Meg, a passionate midwife who believes in women's power in birth; Nicole, a feisty, down-to-earth mother, who is pregnant with twins and determined to birth without intervention and Sara, the compassionate obstetrician whose secrets "are leaking from every pocket." As Nicole's pregnancy is discovered to be high-risk, Meg must answer the question: Is one woman's choice worth the chance that her babies may die? On the night of the birth the dreams and secrets of all three women collide, creating the possibility of a miracle.

Now you can have a copy of the play. Download it here:

You can review the play once you order it. And if you do review it, you will be entered in to a DRAW to win a DVD of the film. Once you review the play, contact me through and your name will be entered to win a DVD!

Audiences applaud Singing the Bones
“Hicks explores the marvel of birth and the politics of midwifery with intelligence and a bold dramatic sense; a truly interactive and exciting performance.”-The Times Colonist, Victoria, B.C. Canada

“Since the show I have had so much feedback from those who came -- all of it rapturous. . . many of us felt it was the most powerful and important play we had ever had the fortune to attend . . . The issues dealt with in “Singing the Bones” really need to be thought about and discussed in this country.”-Sara Davies, host of Singing the Bones 
at Salford University, Manchester, England

"Such a loving portrayal of three common, uncommon women. The first time a live theatre performance has made me cry! It remains the most powerful theater production I have ever experienced.” -Rachael Myr, Norway

"An exceptional performance. . . unforgettable.We laughed, we cried, we were reaffirmed as women, as mothers." - Laura Goulet, Editor, Birthing Magazine

"I had the pleasure of being in the audience last week to see Singing the Bones. . . I want to congratulate you on a wonderful play! I look forward to seeing it on Broadway!"-Barbara Katz Rothman, Professor of Sociology,
Baruch College, New York

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