Friday, June 3, 2011

10th anniversary of Singing the Bones

This year marks the tenth anniversary of the premiere of Singing the Bones. The film opened to critical acclaim, and two excellent reviews (Montreal Gazette & CBC) at The Montreal World Film Festival at the end of August, just prior to 9/11. The film also screened in California at The Mill Valley Film Festival, Tahoe international Film Festival and Ojai International Film Festival.

So this year, we'd like to have a tour of the film. My wish is to screen it somewhat simultaneously in as many locations as possible around the world. A global consciousness about women in birth could happen around it which would be an amazing synergy.

I'm putting that wish out into the world. Tell your midwife. Tell your clients. Visit our website: our facebook page Singing the Bones 10th anniversary celebration. Contact me via email or phone. Bring this powerful awakening about what women bring to the species -- to your community.